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In All-New All-Different Marvel Universe it will make its appearance even the mythical Hercules, so that he will not limit himself to a brief appearance in the series of Thor. Dan Abnett and Luke Ross are launching a new Hercules ongoing series in November, with Abnett looking to reframe the Greek mythological icon as the world's first superhero. During a recent interview, it was stated: I immediately went away and thought about Hercules the mythological character and immediately realized that his legend goes back to a time before he was even called Hercules. It's an incredibly ancient myth that probably even predates written language that's appeared in many cultures, said Abnett. Heracles is his most famous incarnation, but he's kind of this archetype and I was suddenly struck with this idea that it's almost like he's the first superhero. He's an extraordinary hero who's enormously capable, beloved by the gods, and will do anything to protect and look after you if he's on your side. He's also capable though of enormous foolishness, violent rage, and terrible decision making. If you think of a great athlete or sportsman, they have periods in their life where they're at the top of their game. They're beloved and very, very successful. Then for whatever reason, be it injury or they take some time off, they have a sort of lax period where they're not at fighting form and they enjoy the luxuries of life that their success has bread for them, Abnett explained. Then after while they go, 'It's very nice being a rich person with my own helicopter, but I want to get back into the game because I love it so much and I've sort of lost my edge a little. Hercules is sensitive to that and has become the go to guy for those slightly sort of off beat things," said the writer. "For instance Tony Stark might go, 'Wow! Centaurs. I don't know what to do about those?' Whereas Hercules would go, "I know all about those." So he has an area of expertise that fills a really interesting niche in the same way that if it was magic you would go to Doctor Strange or if it's technology Tony Stark is your man. So it's almost like an area of expertise that Hercules has decided to remind the world he know all about.

I wanted a big powerhouse demigod character. He wasn't in the original Korvac Saga, but it made great sense to make him one of the key figures here, Abnett explained. "When I was writing the series I wasn't underwriting Hercules, but I was thinking of him as the classic Hercules; the slightly outrageous sandal costume, the beard, the hearty embracing of life and the slightly buffoonish quality. I then thought, "Gosh! I've sort of got a blind spot about Hercules! He's an accepted and essential part of the Marvel Universe, but always has sort of slightly qualified adventures. I want to keep the book very accessible and I want to make it very immediate. So the first few issues are going to appear to be done in one stories. He'll deal with one or multiple problems in an issue and there's a sense of closure, but there is the inevitable meta story, the writer explained the concept. His supporting cast's story rolls through those and we gradually get the impression that these apparently disconnected elements are going to be more connected. They're not necessarily part of the same thing, but they are symptoms of the same problem. And yes, at least some of his major opponents are going to be new characters that are almost filling the vacuum left by the diminishing mythological presence of the world. That's going to be a fun thing to do. Abnett went on to pitch a Hercules series to Marvel editor Katie Kubert, who encouraged him to develop the concept further, leading to this new ongoing series. How will this series? Readers are curious and fascinated at the same time the prospect of once again admire the splendid Hercules a few years ago, in which the references to Greek mythology were consistent, giving the series a touch of above average quality. We remember that Hercules made one of his most important appearances during the arrival on the scene of Red Hulk alias general Ross. Hercules became owner of the series, taking the place of green Hulk. Then his story took a different turn and strange relationship with Amadeus Cho paused. Readers are hoping that this series goes on for a long time, even if the comics market is in crisis and unlikely to return to profit. Sven Blomqvist.

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    1. Comix Archive è un sito internazionale e la maggior parte dei nostri lettori è di lingua inglese. Nelle prossime settimane il numero di articoli scritti in lingua inglese aumenterà.


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