lunedì 20 luglio 2015


A few weeks ago, Panini Comics has announced that all series Valiant in Italy and other European countries in which it has exclusive rights of publication, were canceled due to low sales reflecting the fact that the publisher is not going through a time happy. Publishing rights were purchased in 2013, as you can read here. Panini Comics is excited at the prospect of being Valiant’s partner in bringing its array of heroes into key markets such as Italy and France, and beyond, said Panini Publishing Director, mr. Marco Marcello Lupoi. Valiant stories are an amazing blend of action, adventures, mystery and socio-political intrigue which resonates strongly with the local comic book culture, and mix exciting modern artwork with storylines which defy genre and are able to intrigue readers with bold new storytelling ideas. Since day one, getting the Valiant heroes back into the hands of loyal fans in France, Italy and beyond has always been a top priority for Valiant, said Russell A. Brown, Valiant’s President of Consumer Products, Promotions, and Ad Sales. Panini  Comics has a fan base and hard-earned reputation that speaks for itself and, with so much quality storytelling to draw upon, Valiant’s European fans can look forward to finally engaging with the all-new Valiant Universes in their native languages. Things, however, did not go well today and the Valiant series were canceled in Europe and particularly in Italy.
In the US, despite ups and downs, the series of Valiant go forward with the wind in their sails. The event Book of Death is going very well. August 19, 2015 will be released the second printing of the number 1. What is going to Panini Comics? It is necessary to recall that Panini Comics is the agent of Marvel Comics in the international markets. It also manages the rights of Bonelli and Astorina in other countries. In Italy, therefore, Panini Comics is a monopolist in the market. The problem of the Italian market is not the Panini Comics, but the economic crisis that has befallen all publishers. Panini has not been able to deploy strategies to contain the crisis and in addition to the Valiant series, they interrupted the series of other American publishers such as Dark Horse and Dynamite. Readers were amazed. They fail to understand what is happening and they are afraid that other series will be interrupted. The flop of the series have affected other licensed publishers. A few months ago It has stopped to lower sales of the series Magico Vento Deluxe created by Gianfranco Manfredi. The failure could close the series of Magic Wind published in the US by Epicenter Comics. At this point, readers are wondering what the future of the series of Valiant. The economic crisis and the bad government Matteo Renzi, supported by Bolshevik parties may make the situation worse. The future is difficult. Jack Santorum.

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