venerdì 28 agosto 2015


Marvel took very seriously the words All-New and All-Different! With incredible growth we've learned that mr. Amadeus Cho will be the new Hulk! In the new Marvel universe was born from the ashes of Secret Wars, in fact, the founding members of the Avengers have been replaced by other characters carrying the mantles of Ms. Marvel, the cosmic Nova and even Spider-Man. What everyone is asking right now is whether these heroes will be worthy of the great legacy of the Avengers. The debut of the new series called Totally Awesome Hulk, will be in December 2015. We’ve seen Banner’s story for so long, and the burden that he carries, with the weight of the Hulk on his shoulders, said Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor-In-Chief. Perhaps the most interesting thing is to see how someone else shoulders that burden, and immediately, Amadeus came to mind for a lot of different reasons. And secondarily is that he’s so different from Banner. He shares the monstrous intellect but he’s so different, he’s a teenage kid, who’s hasn’t lived much yet, Alonso explained. When Banner inherited the burden of being the Hulk, he was an adult. And I think that it showed in the way that he responded to it. Amadeus is a plucky kid. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s the fifth or sixth smartest guy in the world according to the official rankings, and I think he’s just going to carry himself very differently with that power.
Just like there’s one Thor in the Marvel Universe and she’s a she, there is one Hulk and it is Amadeus Cho. But I also want to say that there is a story to be told for Banner. Banner’s story is not over, said Alonso. And I don’t want people saying, Oh, these guys hate Banner, and they don’t like him and they’re sick of him. No, we love Banner. And in fact, that was one of the things that Greg and Mark and I discussed, how fascinating Banner’s life will become now that he no longer has this weight on his shoulders. What is his story? It’s far from finished. People shouldn’t think that we’re jettisoning Banner he has a place in the Marvel Universe, and I think it’s going to become more fascinating what that place is in the coming months. Alonso, therefore, it confirms that the Banner saga will not end. The series will be written by Greg Pak, whose run debuted the same Amadeus Cho. We’ve got the big crazy action level, the big monster hunt, that’s what our big story arc is. Which is also up Frank Cho’s alley, because if you know Frank Cho, you know he draws monsters like nobody’s business, and he’s going nuts with this, said Pak. In our opinion, the era of Alonso coincided with the decline of the Hulk. They have engaged in this project and in the end they managed to destroy the Hulk. We think that Hulk will return to its glory only when Alonso will no longer be editor-in-chief. Karl-Heinz Berghoff.

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