venerdì 11 settembre 2015


The economic and financial crisis sinks DC Comics. The sales data of the charts in July 2015 were not good, and a few days ago was released the bad news that the publisher has lost 2 million dollars in box. It 'clear that the New 52 proved to be a big mistake. DC Comics had a fictional universe of very good standard and there was no need to reset everything. Sales were low throughout 2015 and the forecast for the future is very bad. It will not be easy for the DC Comics out of the crisis and we believe that the coming years will lose further market share. Right now the only solution to the serious problems facing the publisher is in the immediate dismissal of Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. They are the perpetrators of this terrible disaster. It's nsurprisingly, in fact, that these gentlemen have not yet been sent away. First will be fired, before things settle down. Continue in this bad manner is not possible. Not that  the things were better when the presidency of the company was headed by jew Paul Levitz, who kept the office for seven years. The DC had faced a similar crisis in the late seventies of the last century. Then it was forced to close many series and only with Crisis on Infinite Earths is lifted. Now, as then, there's news that many series will close. With DC's solicits hitting the net this afternoon, it was revealed that six books would be ending this December. According to the solicits, JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, LOBO, THE OMEGA MEN, and GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT will all get their final issue at the end of the year. In addition, two digital first series, BATMAN '66 and SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN, will also have the printed version of their final issues hitting comic shops in December. What's most surprising about these cuts are that OMEGA MEN is one of the books. The book has been a critical hit, but sadly, wasn't selling well. According to Comichron, issue #3 of the series was 154th on the top selling books for August, only selling a little over 13,000 issues. What's more surprising is JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, which sold 24,000 issues in August, placing it at the 93 spot on the bad list. It sits above continuing series like CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER and BLACK CANARY. All these news make the dismissal of the triumvirate that rules the DC priority inescapable. Already there are the names of the replacements.
Lastly, CATWOMAN #47 marks a new creative team. Issue #35 mark the entrance of writer Genevieve Valentine, where she redefined Catwoman's role in the DC Universe and the Gotham crime scene and apparently, issue #46 marks her exit. However, Valentine will be joining the BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL team in the near future. With rumors flying around about DOOMED also ending, we contacted DC about the possible series end and they revealed that there are numerous mini-series wrapping up in November: DOOMED, HARLEY QUINN/POWER GIRL, GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY, BAT-MITE, BIZARRO, and ALL STAR SECTION EIGHT. DC told us that these were all intended to be mini-series books and all of their stories will wrap up as planned. Some of these series have been glorifying the critics, but sold so miserable. News not happy to Rw Edizioni, a publishing house that publishes the series DC Comics licensed in Italy. This publisher, in fact, is at the center of controversy and complaints from Italian readers, who are not happy with the way he proposed the DC comics series. The news of these closures could push many fans to close the series with the DC and accelerate its exit from the market. Dissatisfaction concerns both delays in the outputs of the series that the prices are too high. Many fans would be happy if they materialize the return of Planeta, which published the DC Comics in Italy and in Spain from 2006 to 2011. The future is also clouded by the Rw Edizioni, since a few weeks ago the staff of the whole section Goen. The future is also clouded for the Rw Edizioni, since a few weeks ago the staff of the whole section Goen, which deals with the publication of the manga, was completely renewed. Like many other Italian and European publishers, Rw Edizioni uses external collaborators for the realization of his comics. This element will not be sufficiently improved the level of the serials. The desire of many Italian readers would be to see the DC Comics remove publishing licenses of Superman and his associates to the Rw and entrust them to a publishing company more capable. Many employees of Rw Editions are active, through nick name, in many forums of comics fans and socialist cultural associations. And this, in our opinion, does not bode well for a publishing offer denoting many limitations. Jack Santorum.

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  1. Vedo che la DC non se la passa bene e farà un gran repulisti: ma perchè questo articolo non lo avete scritto in italiano?

  2. La DC se la passa malissimo. Le responsabilità sono del triunvirato che dirige la baracca. Prima si liberano di Didio, Lee e Johns e prima torneranno competitivi. Ora non lo sono. Il nostro è un sito internazionale, così come la nostra pagina Facebook. Il numero degli articoli in inglese aumenterà nei prossimi mesi. Così è stato deciso nel nostro meeting internazionale tenuto ad agosto.


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